When I founded Store3D 15 years ago, I fulfilled a personal dream. Being an entrepreneur is in my blood and starting my own company together with my partner was naturally something that I wanted to do. Uncertain about how to proceed, yet excited by the prospects and full of confidence about the future, I made a summary of all the retail and construction knowledge that I had built up through the years. This was the first step!


Successful organic growth followed and, being an entrepreneur in heart and soul who also relishes taking on new challenges, I started to get the itch to do something else a few years ago. After having relocated the company several times, I began to think more often about how I could achieve another one of my dreams.


My own company building. And because I like to do things in my own way and think big, obviously not just any building would do. I wanted an architectural tour de force, an energy-neutral and sustainable building, which was constructed on the basis of the latest insights in the industry. A building that would stand for inspiration and innovation, and that would serve as a hotbed of ideas for retailers and employees. And because creating and producing things is part of Store3D’s DNA, designing and constructing the building under own management was also on my wish list.

Now about 10 years later, my entrepreneurial dream is about to come true. After months, if not years of planning beforehand… Store3D’s own company building will be situated right next to the A59 motorway and by the waterside in what is not only a prime location, but also a challenging location because of its distinctly curved shape. Optimally developing this plot of land means following the curve, which is not the easiest choice in the construction industry. It does, however, suit me to a tee because I have never liked looking for straightforward, run-of-the-mill solutions.


I do not want to reveal too much about the building’s design and appearance (yet), but I did draw inspiration from techniques used in Canada: simple, light, efficient and intelligent timber constructions that are easy to insulate. As regards furnishing and outfitting, we shall use different styles. After all, no two clients or employees are identical.


The groundwork and the construction started a month ago. Sometimes when I am on site, I still cannot believe that we will have a new address at the end of 2016. Alongside the round form of the building, completing the construction work in such a short space of time is perhaps the greatest challenge we still have to overcome. I think the question that people have most frequently asked me recently is how are we going to manage to do this?


The answer is that it will be possible to stay on schedule and complete the work in the shortest possible time with the minimum amount of construction defects by utilising innovative developments in prefab and by putting everyone in the building team on an equal footing. We have now become so accustomed to this approach that we cannot do things in any other way…  It is also how we work for our clients!


On to the next ‘D’ of our 3Ds: Develop.


Jan van Hest
Retail fanatic and Managing Director of Store3D