Just before the summer, I shared my entrepreneurial dream with you of having my own office building with a one-of-a-kind architectural style, constructed according to the latest techniques and inspired by my visits to Canada.


We are now a few months further down the road and a splendid new building is being erected alongside the A59 motorway. All our ideas and all the things that we put down on paper and are now taking shape, acquiring perspective and becoming tangible. Surrounded by water and greenspace, the building will look even better than we imagined possible. We have already taken quite a few sublime photos and made film recordings of all the work on site reflecting in the water against the backdrop of clear blue skies.


Every morning when I am on site, I have to blink my eyes and pinch myself to make sure it is really happening. At the end of this year, the Store3D team will move into this new breeding ground for ideas in retail. It’s a place where everyone will feel at home!


And although we still have plenty of work to do, we are well on schedule. The building shell is now complete.  It was erected from prefab elements in a mere six weeks. We have been following all the hustle and bustle on site every day via a live webcam. It’s a really interesting process to watch. We could not let this milestone go by without having a drink and a bite to eat with the entire staff in the new building.


The next phase will involve the interior work and after that we shall proceed with the outfitting. More on that next time in the last ‘D’ of our 3D’s: Design Ideas. Develop Stores. Deliver Experience.


Jan van Hest
Retail fanatic and Managing Director of Store3D