Men at Work Utrecht CS

Hot and trending!

Utrecht Central Station and the surrounding district is under development and there is consequently plenty of room for new concepts. Men at Work has taken advantage of the situation and the multi-brand store for ladies and men’s clothing recently opened a contemporary pit-stop shop in the busiest train station in the Netherlands.


A store that presents a new theme every month and that has matching accessories (temporarily available) for that particular moment. A store which only stocks the newest, most popular (top 10) items and that serves as a place to meet and a pick-up point for online orders. A store that entertains waiting passengers with, for example, iPads and coffee. In short, a store that invites people to drop in regularly.


Store3D was brought in to translate the concept for the first ‘station store new style’ into a chic modern interior. Once the designs were complete, we worked hard together with the professionals of Men at Work to complete the realisation of the store within four weeks. Store3D was in charge of keeping the project on track.


In addition to its station stores, Men at Work is now working on a new concept for its existing stores. Store3D will also play a major role in this respect. Men at Work is hot and trending at the moment… and Store3D is certainly not resting on its laurels. We also like being ‘at work’ for this valued client!