Deliver Experience… from dream to reality.

At last… we have relocated to our new breeding ground for ideas in retail. We had to pull out all the stops in the last few weeks of 2016 to be able to complete the move on Friday, 16 December. It was really hard work, but we managed to get everything done on time. We waited until the final phase before making definite decisions on the interior, the use of materials, the colour scheme, the furniture and the layout. Everything has now come together to transform a beautiful dream into reality. We will spend the next few months further organising our work environment and giving it our signature look and feel.


The actual move was a momentous occasion. We had to clear our desks, empty all the filing cabinets, say a fond farewell to old familiar office equipment and workshop machinery, and drive back and forth with everything that we still wanted to keep to our brand-new larger building with cutting-edge flexible workspaces and a clean-desk policy. We have taken the next step towards creating a paperless office. It almost feels like a new beginning.


We have successfully overcome difficult challenges on every front, but the payoff from selecting the location, designing the building and relocating the company within an extremely short time frame has certainly been worth all the effort. When I now walk through the building, I can feel the warmth that not only comes from the atmosphere of the all-timber construction, but is also radiated by all the Store3D staff. They have brought the building to life and made the large open spaces functional and their own.


Every day, the building is a hive of activities, varying from workmen making the finishing touches to people putting new workspaces, team tables and conference rooms into use. The reception, the kitchen and the related informal meeting area (or hospitality section) have already met everyone’s approval. I really enjoy just being there watching everything going on and people getting together. The ‘home’ feeling I originally envisaged is almost tangible. I can hardly wait until spring. The paving and landscaping will be finished by then; everything will be in bloom and the natural environment will enhance the Store3D experience even more.


2016 will be remembered as the eventful year in which we completed our circle of 3Ds: Design Ideas. Develop Stores. Deliver Experience. And now it’s time to get back to conceiving fresh ideas – especially for our customers, because they always come first.


Jan van Hest
Managing Director of Store3D and retail fanatic.


P.S. Curious? You are always welcome to drop by!